Saturday, December 29, 2012

Quality of Movement

No one loves to be in traffic jam in car, it's really waste of time and money. You cannot do anything else than just check the brake lights in front of you. You take too much space in city and polute air by burning oil, instead burning fat.  Is it really necessary to take the space of your kitchen or bath room with your car in city road or parking spots when you traveling alone?

Crystal clear it is, quality in movement is my passion. In past few days I  have realized that everything in movement has come to some kind of strange wisdom point. Life and time itself is movement. Winter swimming in frozen sea combined with hot smoked sauna and fat biking underlined this yesterday.

Efficiency in bicycling, in time measuring, in art and quality of transportation in every day life it is. I admire the micro mechanical world of watches, the quality of bicycle in traveling and potential of performance art in story telling. All done with brilliant ideas and great skills. Quality in movement.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Creative and Fat Times

Winter can been seen as off-season for bicycle things. This is not completely true, people are defining (or specsing) new complete bicycles, frames and parts for their new ideas of their cyclist career. Some propel heads and folio helmets has totally new approaches to problems in question.

In tandem, primary chain tension might be problem if you do not have eccentric bottom bracket. This solution was done with two extra chain wheels floating freely between lower and upper chain. This fixed gear tandem was build in Pyöräpaja and it was seen in x-mas party.

Helsinki city is taking good care of the normal roads in winter but roads for bicicles are in so bad shape,  so I started to ride fat bike in last winter. Second winter, with hub motor in front, 30km daily commuting ride is pure bliss for the lazy bastard. Cargo sledge pulled to the same party by eMulkul.