Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tall Bike

I sure feel that Tall Bike is a BIG and one of the freakish statement towards wild bicycle world. Tall bikes are typically build by welding bicycle frame in top of another bicycle frame. They are made fast, rough and cheap. Painted, if there happens to be paint around.

In B.I.K.E (Be Inclusive Kill Exclusivity) movie there is a lot's of tall bikes. The film is sort of documentary of Black Label Bicycle Club from New York. They organize annual mayhem events called Bike Kills with freakish races, rough tall bike jousting and heavy partying. The club acts and lives like motorcycle club, but in bicycle world. Somekind of relationship to 1% motorcycle club's can even been seen, in their deep level in brotherhood and commitment to their way of life. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Peugeot Inoxydable PL-8

Peugeot used to make some really nice models before 90's. Everyone who knows anything about French bicycle's, knows PX-10, legendary model with Reynolds 531 tubing and Campagnolo Record parts in it.

This is another example of French bicycle design, done to a friend. Inoxydable is french word for stainless steel.

Here is few pictures of the building process. Mafac brakes and front rack, Brooks B17 saddle and Velo Orange fenders.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kilo bicycle auction

Kilo police department hold an annual bicycle auction over two hundred found or abandoned bicycles in fresh spring day. Most bicycles were poor quality, types they sell in big super malls cheaply. Over ten Finnish fame Jopo's were sold, they got bad reputation by users in using sidewalks as their highway. One Nishiki Trim Master were sold in okayish price and few modern MTB with hydralic disc brakes find they new owner.

I got pair of quite true MTB 160mm brake disc's wheels with smooth Shimano hubs, Bontrager assymmetrical rims and Bontrager tires which are going to go daughters MTB build.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Foggy ride

In Helsinki it was spooky fog morning. John Carpenter pop in to my mind. Nice ride in this "ghost town".

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Avatar 2000

It was in Douglas Trombull's Brainstorm 1983 where Christopher Walken ride LBW (long wheel base) recumbent bicycle Avatar 2000, the bike of the future. 

At the time, I thought it was a great movie. Bit science fiction, psychedelic visions etc. And... a weird bicycle.

Respects to MIT professor David Gordon Wilson of the design. Btw, Avatar 2000 holded non-UCI world speed record in 1982-1983. Only 140 were made in 1981-82. UCI banned recumbent bikes out of "real" bicycle racing world because the aerodynamic advantage or was it too futuristic to this conservative organization?

You can find interesting info and a quicktime clip in this page.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Support Greece

From Rhodes island comes this shining new, Columbus SL tubing, steel lugged frame made by Mr.Giorgos Vogiatzis. I quess there is one happy camper living in Athens who got fixed value for his green. 

Be proud, ride hard, beat the shit out of your legs. Thanks Pete.

New Pelago shop

Helsinki based bicycle brand Pelago has opened a fresh and handsome shop. Their bike models are classic style, 4130 butted steel frame bikes with models for gents and ladies. From simple city bikes to serious randonneur style with panniers and hammered fenders. Pelago is one of the rare shops where you can stuff from Good Things International and KRNKY too.

If you are bicycle enthuanist and your destination is Helsinki, be sure not to miss Pelago.


8th annual Helsinki-Porvoo bicycle trip was organized by Helsinki bicycle messegers (Hellsinki BC) in sunny but chilly spring sunday. Approx 30 fixed and "multi" gear riders participated to this allmost epic ride with help of

Perhaps one can find very thin realtionship to Paris-Roubaix, a legendary bicycle race. Thanks Paulus for foto.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Van Andel, Cargo Bike

This is magnificient transportation machine. Transport, not sport as David Byrne said.

Pushrod steering system and basic frame idea is based on old Long John construction.This bike is made by Azor, dutch bike manufacturer. Designed  by Maarten Van Andel.

I attached the electric hubmotor to assist on run. Alfine 11 hub and DT Swiss Alpine lll spokes with Halo SAS rim. Of course Brooks B33 saddle to fine tune the run.

The Dursley Pedersen

In design, nothing beats The Dursley Pedersen.

The allmost insolent vision still holds it's unbeatable status in bicycle design world.

Here is Kemper version about it.

One day, I have one too.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J.F. Wilson

I started to put together old J.F. Wilson track bike to my friend. Cleaning the saddletube with brake honing tool. Bottom bracket threads are cleaned from rust and dirt. Richard Teare's old track bike, J.F. Wilson is soon going to be in use. Project updates soon to come.