Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fat Yuba Mundo is done.

I got pieces together during x-mas free days.

Rear wheel
Alfine 8, Velocity Blunt 35 650B, DT Alpine 3 spokes laced in 3 crossing. Maxxis Ardent 27,5x2,30 tire. Alfine chain tensioner.

Front wheel
Crystalyte HS 135mm motor, Sapim spokes 2,3mm in Large Marge rim, 1 cross lacing. 45nrth Dillinger tire with studs.

Cleaned the threads all over and installed left over Campagnolo Chorus bottom bracket with cranks from Gipiemme Pista to drive side, Campagnolo to other side. Colnago road chain ring, extend the chain from two different chains, one silver and one black. MKS pedals.

Brooks B17 saddle in Yuba original seat post with Salsa seat clamp. Salsa Enabler fork in Chris King head set, Salsa stem and bar. Planet Cascadia extended fenders I did last year all ready to Salsa Mukluk. Yuba saddlebags holding 36V/20Ah LiFePo4 battery and Crystalyte 25A controller.

180mm discs, Avid mechanical.

Last changes is black Enabler fork, aluminium diamond plate cover and fixed rear light.

 It is fun and capable electric cargo bike to replace car in most tasks. It works well even in -20c winter degrees.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fat Yuba Mundo build

New project for winter cycling.

Current or planned parts: 
Yuba Mundo frame, some modifications
Surly Moonlander fork

Front wheel:
Crystalyte HS motor as front hub
Surly Large Marge rim
45NRTH Dillinger with 240 studs tire
Sapim spokes 2,3mm

Rear Wheel:
Alfine 8 hub
Velocity Blunt 35 650B rim
Kenda Nevagall 2,35 tire
spokes DT Alpine 3

to be continued...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hellsinki Super Weekend

Last weekend was many ways successful in Hellsinki. There was famous Flow-festival and 9th King Of Fixed, the fixed gear riders fun and play days. During this three days there was a number of great performers in Flow and several interesting activities in KOF. Criterium-race, alleycat-race, trackstand, footdown etc. awesome s**t.

In Flow festival there was at least 3000 bicycles parked in special parking area where talented mechanics offered their services too.

Surprise events are always great fun too, BikePunksHellsinki held their tall bike jousting tournament in Dallape park. Hellsinki is getting better.

photo by Marjut

photo by k1m

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bicycle is not future of transportation

Says Syd Mead in this serious or perhaps HC trolling article which create again flaming discussion where car or bicycles are against each other. Well, world is not that B&W.

Mr Mead is conceptual artist, famous from films like Blade Runner and Alien. Conseptual artist is typically hired to sketch the producers first ideas of the coming film. These sketches are important to convince finance and artistical people to be involved to this film. No doubt, Mr Mead has succeed to do this. But as futuristic thinker he is somehow narrow minded. Car is not the latest invention in transporting history. Like fire or wheel, old inventions are use full too. Basic transportation devices are all ready invented, they are just getting better and better in time.

I'm sure that in future everything is powered by engines, even sidewalks but there is a well reserved place for human powered vehicles too. People still need and want to use their muscles to create power. They want to feel alive and gain something real instead of sitting in a boxed four wheel chair and be sure that this is the thing.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Cinelli SCP

This full chromed beauty from 1962 or 63 came to my hands last week it auction held in Helsinki Olympic Velodrome. It is painted to Bianchi celeste colors but really it is Cinellin Super Corsa Pista. Year of make is unconfirmed and also that tubing is from Reynolds 531 and Columbus tubing both.

Fast first build and test ride done tonight in moderate rain, it was a bliss for blessed new owner.