Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hard Times

Hotel rooms and short time rented flats change easily to bike workshops. This happened again during my week trip to eastern Finland.

This time I was with fixed gear bike with two set's of pedals, MKS touring pedals with straps to get around near locations and SDP clipless pedals for the road trips. 70's Gitane track frame did not have attachments for bottle cage so for the comfort sake, I brought bag for handlebar to carry stuff.

Michelin Kryolin Carbon tires are allready in extra time in their 125psi life, they can barely handle 80psi without cracking totally and thats too low for 25mm. Nice pair of Conti 4 season 25mm are waiting at home. LBS tire collection was bit narrow for the needs.

Two more days to keep up these tires on the run, I guess it is easier to keep the temporary bike workshop ready as kitchen's are kept for courmet cooking challenges.

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