Friday, August 10, 2012

Future Cargobike...

Cargobike is the answer for some of the future, every day transportation needs. It is capable to move kids and stuff around, same things as car do now. Only real difference is the distances. If the trips go over 15 km the car might be better, but most of travels stay under it. If you add electric motor in it the trips can easily go over 30 km.

It has to have Long John type of frame because it is relatively narrow to go to places where normal bicycle will go.

It must work in winter too. Moisture and freezing problems gotta be solved for electric system. Frame and fork must be capable to fit plus 50mm wide tires.

Electric assisted is excellent choice for people who just want to transport not to sport. Battery enables  real electric system in it; lights, nice horn and even turn lights and sound system. There's gotta to be good permanent lights in it, you gotta see the road details instead of just being visible.

It might look good and be light too.

These Urban Arrow people are very near, they got Eurobike 2010 award for it and they are selling it in here.

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