Saturday, February 2, 2013

400/1 and food

"Making bikes that outcompete other bikes is not relevant. Making bikes that outcompete cars... that's interesting"- Jens Martin Skibsted

Winter cycling is bliss with right gear. I have ridden over fifteen winters but two last with electric Mukluk and it has been paradise for bike freak. Conservative cyclists may not give any respect for electric motor in bicycle but I take it as an experiment. Machines that are capable to do the every day jobs: transporting you 15 km in late hours after dinner in heavy snowstorm, transporting groceries and kids, making your commuting to work possible in coldest and challenging road conditions days.

I used to ride fixed Monark 92320 conversion with 35mm tires in winter. It sure was more sporty, sweaty and slow way to move, but in some winter days the bliss was bit too far. Don't mind being wet from exercise but the biggest difference to eMukluk riding  is that I don't think the snowy weather, road conditions, distances and the way I dress anymore. I just ride and that's good for my zenish mind. Car, train or bus is less and less attractive idea in winter.

I spend 1 euro for every 400 kilometers to charge the battery in eMukluk, I spend more money in food even if I use car or aeroplane in same distance.

Reynolds 531 decal marks can be seen on fork.
Happy camper after pump help given by loyal bike friend.

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