Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bicycle is not future of transportation

Says Syd Mead in this serious or perhaps HC trolling article which create again flaming discussion where car or bicycles are against each other. Well, world is not that B&W.

Mr Mead is conceptual artist, famous from films like Blade Runner and Alien. Conseptual artist is typically hired to sketch the producers first ideas of the coming film. These sketches are important to convince finance and artistical people to be involved to this film. No doubt, Mr Mead has succeed to do this. But as futuristic thinker he is somehow narrow minded. Car is not the latest invention in transporting history. Like fire or wheel, old inventions are use full too. Basic transportation devices are all ready invented, they are just getting better and better in time.

I'm sure that in future everything is powered by engines, even sidewalks but there is a well reserved place for human powered vehicles too. People still need and want to use their muscles to create power. They want to feel alive and gain something real instead of sitting in a boxed four wheel chair and be sure that this is the thing.

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