Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fat Yuba Mundo is done.

I got pieces together during x-mas free days.

Rear wheel
Alfine 8, Velocity Blunt 35 650B, DT Alpine 3 spokes laced in 3 crossing. Maxxis Ardent 27,5x2,30 tire. Alfine chain tensioner.

Front wheel
Crystalyte HS 135mm motor, Sapim spokes 2,3mm in Large Marge rim, 1 cross lacing. 45nrth Dillinger tire with studs.

Cleaned the threads all over and installed left over Campagnolo Chorus bottom bracket with cranks from Gipiemme Pista to drive side, Campagnolo to other side. Colnago road chain ring, extend the chain from two different chains, one silver and one black. MKS pedals.

Brooks B17 saddle in Yuba original seat post with Salsa seat clamp. Salsa Enabler fork in Chris King head set, Salsa stem and bar. Planet Cascadia extended fenders I did last year all ready to Salsa Mukluk. Yuba saddlebags holding 36V/20Ah LiFePo4 battery and Crystalyte 25A controller.

180mm discs, Avid mechanical.

Last changes is black Enabler fork, aluminium diamond plate cover and fixed rear light.

 It is fun and capable electric cargo bike to replace car in most tasks. It works well even in -20c winter degrees.


  1. How has the Fat Yuba been working? Surely this winter there have been a lot of fat-tire-weather. I'm trying to cope somehow with my 42-406 Winter Marathon in Bullitt's front wheel.

    1. It been working very well, motor updating process is allmost finished.

  2. ok floks, selling the front wheel, hub motor, rim and spokes cheaply. contact if interested.