Thursday, May 17, 2012

Night Rides

Last night I find out again that riding during the night is great experience in the city. Now, spring is at it's best in Helsinki metropolitan area, it's getting warmer every day and night. I listened my old favourite after I left Goldsprint party organized by Yksivaihde. It was Black Sabbath's Paranoid album.

During the hippie ballad "Planet Caravan" suddenly bird song could be heared. It was a perfect match to the song and to mellow feeling I had. I thought it was from the song, but was not. They were real and they could heared over sound of earphones. Black Sabbath's Paranoid album was nothing after that.

It was the minor but warm rain, night and sound of the spring nature which fullfilled the zen of my ride with fixed conversion Monark 92320 1972 with legendary Reynolds 531 tubing.

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