Sunday, May 27, 2012

Retrokilpurit 2012

It was sunny early summer saturday when around 60 participants started their vintage bicycle run in Vaasa. The Run was organized first time by Vanhat Velot ry (old velocipeds) in Vaasa Veteran cars museum. We ride about 70 kilometer with couple of mandatory stops to enjoy the landscape and architecture in Ostrobothnia area aswell each others awesome company.

There was a nice selection of over 25 year old bicycles with brands like Cresent, Leopard, Bernard, Peugeot, Olmo, Gios, Colnago, Bottecchia, Hermes, Rossin, Gitane, Mercier, Willier, Tunturi, Raleigh, Moser, Bianchi, Pashley, Motobecane, Miyata, DBS, Biemmezeta and the unlucky Zeus.

Some participants were some real authentic costumes, related to old European vintage bicycle runs like L'Eroica and Anjou Vélo Vintage.

Afterparty was nice, lasagne for food, lot's of prizes in different categories and awesome mood. Main worry was: "what does this soul band's music do for butted tubes?"

I'm sure that this bicycle run has many nice years ahead.

Some pics by djtremolo and Olli

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