Monday, September 24, 2012

Follow Your Bliss

Randonneur bike is the new black. Lately I've  been trying lighten up my "hidden" knowledge about them. I've always thought that they are just nice and expensive old merde from France but recently so many things have pointed me that they got something. I used to think that if I need to pick up just one bike it choose cyclocross but I'm not sure anymore, maybe it must be randonneur or even cyclotourist.

They capability to carry stuff and still be relatively performative in speed and range. They are faster than utility bikes which are build to be short distance workhorses. These are made for serious traveling.

With up to 42mm tires in size 650B, serious fenders and light weight racks, they promise the ride to be bliss.

Many pieces of art in cycling world has been done in Europe. But japanese has bee amazing great too.
This is really nice example of Japanese randonneur, Gran Bois.

Great randonneur builds has been done by legendary Alex Singer and Rene Herse.

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