Saturday, September 15, 2012

Look Mum No Hands!

My job makes me sometimes travel, for good or bad. Bad times are waiting in airports or try to get your sleep in aeroplane, good times are in the city with bicycle. Cycling is energizing and rich way to get yourself into the city, it is fun and fast way to move. Instead of dull underground riding or spend your time in a bus, you travel outside, stop everywhere you want, find the characteristics of every block and  learn the city plan quickly.

Just made few day trip to London to see professional exhibition, at the same time I was rising the quality of the visit by renting a bicycle.

Look Mum No Hands is a hybrid consept of cafĂ© and bike shop, a place worth visiting. The hipster(ish) staff could be bit educated how take care of customers, few things here and there, no biggies. Hungry grown up man needs food, not cookies. They have workshop, good coffee, few bicycles in window, a penny farthing bicycle, magazines and some bike parts or "bits" as they say in England.

I guess the critical amount of bikers with addiction to good coffee with deep interest to cycling culture is needed to make this kind of business successful. Expecting to have it in Helsinki soon too.

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