Sunday, April 28, 2013

Front end tools

Ability to innovate, create new idea's and develope them to working machines is one of the homo sapiens great skills. They are the only species that clothe themselves, build fires and use tools in massive ways. Perhaps the greatest tool of Homo Sapiens is the hand itself.

New and old tools belong to bicycle world too, imagination is the only limit to creative problem solving. Here is just a few examples of variety of bicycle tools. These photos are from front end tools that are used to repair or build your precious machine.

threads tool by Hozan
blocks to hold the fork in 
threading or straightening by SJT
tools for fork straightening jobs by VAR and Pyykkö
tools to get rid of head tube dents by Pyörätohtori
tools to get rid of head tube dents by Pyörätohtori
bottle opener to finalize your picnic's

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