Monday, April 1, 2013

Toronto and Hydra islands

Still, there is places with no cars.

Hydra is Greek island with no cars or mopeds. I got wonderful chance to visit there couple of years ago. Hydra is only two hours from Athens by boat and you got chance to do your morning wake up by roosters yelling. Soundscape is so good with no traffic noises or combustion engines. Hydra island is perfect for walking and cycling but we walked a lot because the steep topology and stairs. Local transportation of goods and heavy materials is done by donkeys and the truckers got special mustache style, possible in heritage to somebody important in Hydra history.

Toronto islands used to be like that, before they open new ferry route, capable to carry cars. People used to simply walk or cycle everywhere at any weather. Bicycles were the main transportation in cargo transportation too.

Manuel Cappel lives in Toronto island and builds beautiful and crazy looking utility bicycles. Read more from Cappel Custom Carts from here. This is where art meets function and food delivers the energy to move things.

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